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  • How do I order
    1. You can order products through our online store. - Please note, many of our products are made to order and are not in stocked items. 2. Send us an email at or visit our contact page to submit a request. 3. Set up an organization base ordering window. Contact us directly for details.
  • When will I receive my order?
    Our products are custom hand made cut and sew items which require a minimum of three to four (3-4) weeks for manufacturing. Orders generally ship about 30 days from payment and approved art. In stock items will ship out in 3-4 business days. May be available for local pick up. When ordering custom products please take the necessary manufacturing lead time into consideration. We always advise to plan ahead. Organization ordering windows Once the ordering window closes product will be placed into production. Please note due to the timeline of your organizations ordering window this may add additional manufacturing time on your order. If you have a speicific timeline for delivery please contact customer care and inqure about specific in hands date. During peak apparel seasons lead times may grow without notice. We do not gurantee delivery timelines. We do not guarantee delivery by Christmas.
  • Will you set up an ordering page for our organization?
    Yes! How long does the set up process take? Depending on complexity and size we can have your page set up in 1-2 business days. small team stores are generally up and running within a few hours.
  • Do you offer rush orders?
    Generaly no we do not. Please contact customer care and we will do our best to work with you on a case by case basis.
  • Do you offer custom design?
    Yes! Contact customer care to get your job started today!
  • Do you provide sample products?
    Organizations: With your organizational order you have the option of receiving a sample product for touch and feel purposes in launching your online campaign. General sample requests Due the cost of our products we are unable to send sample items without receiving payment. If a sample product is needed you may return the sample in its original condition. Upon timely return of sampled products and in house inspection we will issue refund. Please note samples kept longer than 30 days are not eligible for return.
  • I already have a design, can I use it with my order?"
    Yes! For best results we request Adobe Illustrator editable vector graphics files. (.ai / .eps) If you do not have your logo in vector graphics format we may need to redraw your logo* In printing non vector graphics files (photos) we do not guarnatee the print quality of your design. If you are submitting an image for the backrop image please note when submitting graphics we may be expanding the graphics to 4' x 5' or larger in size. If you are submitting a .jpg or .png image it must be a high definition image. Pixel based graphics typically do not scale well and will appear to be blurry the more we scale the image. If you are submitting an image for the background design we will do our best to educate you on the final print quality. Please note we do not guarantee the final print clarity on image (.jpg/.png) based printing.
  • What are vector graphics?
    Vector graphics are essentially a dot to dot drawing involving points, lines, & curves. These elements create a logo or design mathmatically within a program like Adobe Illustrator. Due to the mathmatical nature of vector graphics they have the ability to be expanded and retracted as large or small as we choose without loosing clarity or disturbing the look and feel of the intended logo design. If you do not have a vector graphics logo we can asssit.
  • What are pixel based graphics?
    Pixel based graphics are .jpg, .png, or similar file formats. Explaining the issues with these file types when printing. If we imagine each pixle is grouped together as a box of crayons forming a photo. As we step away the picture comes together and the colors blend. If we move in close to the photo we can see the individual pixels which form the image. Taking this to printing, when we expand the image to meet our size needs (4'x5') we seperate those pixels which creates space in between the pixels. This results in the computer stretching the image in between the pixels. The end result is a blurry or muddy washed out image resolution on the final printed prroduct. Although some high resolution pixel based images will print well, we always suggest using vector graphics files for best results.
  • Can we mix and match our order?
    Yes! Although we may have minimum order needs depending on whch product you are interested in.
  • What type of materials do you use?
    We utilize the best available fabrics for each of our products. Polyester Middle and heavyweight 2 way and 4 way stretch performance polyester. Fleece We utilize Polartec or similar high grade fleece for maximum comfort and warmth without the weight and heavyness a low quality fleece may provide.
  • Do you guarantee shipping dates?
    No. Due to the length of the process behind the production design, print, cut, and sew products we are not able to guarantee ship dates. Due to Covid realated supply chain and transportation, timlines could increase. During apparel rush seasons lead times may grow without notice.
  • I ordered through an organization ordering winow. Why is my order taking so long?
    Please note your order does not go into production once the order is placed. Your order will go into production once the ordering window closes. Please review the details in your organizations apparel program to fully understand the shipping and production timelines associated wiht your order. Shipping timelines and information is included within the items details.
  • Local STMA pick up / delivery
    We are local to STMA and will get your product to you or set up a pick up time when your order is ready. Items may be hand delivered within the local area. We reserve the right to package team orders together in the case of an upcomming event etc. to get the product to your player more quickly.
  • Can I change my order?
    If your product is a custom made to order item we are unable to change or cancel your order to another appreal design once the product has moved into production.
  • Our process
    Taking a full custom approach to product and apparel design, from initial idea generation through final design, print, cut, and sewn product. We are hands on in every step of the way. What can we help create for you?
  • Product Care
    Polyester Machine wash cold and air dry Do not use fabric softners with polyester materials Does Polyester shrink? As long as it is cared for correctly. No it will not shrink. Due to Polyesters synthetic make up. It is highly resistant to shrinkage under normal circumstances.
  • Is my order guaranteed to arrive prior to Christmas?
    No. We do not guarantee delivery lead times on custom made products. Why? Our custom products are manufactured from bolts of raw materials and are a custom one of a kind item which goesthrough a lengthy production process and hand sewn for you to enjoy. There are many aspects of production which are out of our control and therefore we do not guarantee delivery dates.
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